Donte's Playground is the blog of self-published author Donte M McNeal.

Donte M McNeal is a young man who loves to lose himself in all of the stories in his head. Whenever he emerges from the playground of ideas, characters and stories in his mind, he can be found in Michigan spending his time reading, gaming, and spending time with his mother, dad, brothers and furry baby boy, Smokey Jack.

Ever since he was old enough to read, his nose was always in a book, lost in whatever world the author had created. Once he was old enough, he realized that not only could he read the stories others came up with, but he could come up with stories for others to enjoy himself! And thus, began his journey as an author, spanning 12 years from childhood to young adulthood.

His debut novel, The Family: The Brotherhood was released August 19th, 2016.