The Family: The Brotherhood
By Donte M McNeal

Based in Michigan, Donte's Playground is a blog by Donte M McNeal. His posts range from nonsensical ramblings about anime, in-depth reviews of books and television/film, to random spurts of philosophical babble.

Welcome One & All!

Yo! My name's Donte and I'd like to welcome you to my playground. Okay, I'll admit a grown man welcoming you to his playground can come off a little...a lot creepy, but I promise I'm not a creep. Though, if you have to reassure people you're not a creep, does that mean you're actually a creepy person? I mean, why would you need to persuade people otherwise if that wasn't the case? Never mind, that's beside the point.

I thought I'd take the time to welcome to my new website, and let you know what all you'll find here. I'm the type of guy who loves to be entertained (who doesn't right?), and that entertainment can come from movies, anime, or books. That's what you'll find on this site: My thoughts on anime, TV and movies and my reviews and/or recommendations for books. That's not to say I'm some connoisseur of entertainment, not by a long shot, but I do watch and read a lot. So, I figured why not share what I thought about it all?

Another thing that will be on this site are my various writing projects, and anything related to those, such as author interviews, excerpts, and the like. This will be in my Project Corner. I write just as much as I read, and it's definitely a passion of mine, one that I want to share with you all! So, that's about everything you'll be seeing on Donte's Playground!

Be warned that the site will be empty for a few days, butthere will be new content uploaded on a weekly basis once it gets rolling. I just wanted to introduce myself to you all, and let you know what to expect. Enjoy your playtime! Okay, that's enough. I'll stop with the puns. Till next time!

Hell's Glitch Spoiler Review

Hell's Glitch Spoiler Review