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What I'm Watching This Anime Season

What I'm Watching This Anime Season

There’s this thing in the anime community, an unspoken rule really, where you give an anime at least episodes to hook you. Thing is, I don’t follow that. There are too many anime out there at any given time, along with movies, tv and books to occupy my time. So to surrender an hour for one show, just to see if I’m going to follow it? Gonna have to miss me that. I say all that to say, my choices for what I’m watching this season all hooked from the get go.

Steins; Gate 0


Time travel, as a concept is something I’ve always found fascinating. One seemingly inconsequential decision could change the future in ways you couldn’t even imagine. And that? That’s what makes shows that deal with time travel so intriguing, if they’re done right at least. Steins; Gate 0 is a continuation from the original Steins; Gate anime, but in this alternate worldline, Okabe, our protagonist, abandons time travel. It isn’t until he meets an AI that the scabs of old wounds are ripped off, proving that even an alternate worldline offers little to respite for Okabe from the traumatic events he’s  experienced time and time again. It’s sure to be an emotional ride seeing all these characters again; I look forward to every second of it.



It’s no exaggeration to say that I don’t like boxing. It’s not that I hate it; just doesn’t interest me enough to follow it. Even though that’s the case, I know people that love it. After just one episode, I can understand the appeal. That’s a thing that happens with sports anime for me. Baby Steps got me into tennis and Haikyuu got me into volleyball, two sports I hadn’t even been remotely interested in. Now I watch them both. Megalobox did that with boxing for me. It’s about Joe, the mc who’s tired of throwing Megalobox fights to make money, and once he meets (and fights) the top Megaloboxer, he begins his journey to climb the ranks so he fight him again on the grandest stage boxing has in this world: Megalonia. The fights are intense, the characters entertaining, and the atmosphere of the show energetic. It’s one I’ll be following for sure.



Hinamatsuri is a show that’ll be good to unwind to. It’s a about a yakuza member, Nitta, and a strange girl named Hina who has supernatural powers. There are moments where the show looks like it wants to get serious, but then the tension is broken and you remember it’s a show about a kid with powers living with a yakuza member who collects vases. Simple entertainment, with characters that are pretty fun. Looking forward to whatever trouble these two will get into.

Golden Kamuy


Golden Kamuy is about this “immortal” soldier who is trying to make ends meet by panning for gold. Once he learns of a treasure map tattooed on the bodies of escaped prisoners, he sets out on a journey to find the prisoners so he can find the gold. He finds and makes a partnership with a young girl seeking vengeance against the one who tattooed these maps on the prisoners. With their interests aligned, thus begins the dangerous journey of tracking down violent criminals, while doing their best to avoid rogue soldiers, other criminals and government agents who are all looking for the same gold they are, and willing to kill to get it.

Persona 5 The Animation


Come on now, you all knew this was coming. I’ve made it clear that Persona 5 is one of my favorite games all time (I mean, I have a Phantom Thieves tattoo), so I was eagerly anticipating this one airing. I watch it faithfully every week, and will e getting the bluray(s) whenever they drop stateside. The anime covers the plot of the game, where a group of high schoolers discover another world where desires are distorted and have physical manifestations and they use their new found power of Personas to change the heart of corrupt adult in authority. That’s a oversimplification of the plot, but if you don’t know about Persona, just jump in. You won’t be disappointed. Moreover, the director has promised a few anime-only surprises. I can guess what those surprises would be, but I’m always down for more Persona!

Honorable Mention


I want to give a shout out to My Hero Academia Season 3. It was a given that I’d be following this one since I love the show so much. The characters are super memorable, their powers (Quirks) unique, and with the way things are going so far, this looks like it’ll be the best season yet!


Also, the new Lostorage Wixoss anime that’s out looks really good. I’m all for dark, magical girl shows in the vein of Madoka, and the Wixoss franchise does dark well. A new series set in this universe is something I’m always game for.

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