Godhood: Quest For Ascension

 My book cover

My book cover

Godhood: Quest For Ascension is the next book I have planned. It's a story packed to the brim with friendship, powers, and top notch action. The synopsis is as follows:

Gods. They ruled from the heavens. . . until the Descension. Bored after millennia of ruling from above, deities have come down to earth, deserting their heavenly abodes to meddle with humanity first hand. Centuries after the Descension, demigods boasting the powers of the mind, nature, war, time, and death are born, and they yearn to Ascend to full godhood. But Ascension comes with a price, and that price is heavy. What happens when one is willing to pay that price, no matter the cost?

Godhood: A story of friendship, the struggle of obtaining power, and dealing with the power to make choices that can alter the very fabric of reality.

If you want to read what's basically the second-ish draft for this one, you can check it out on Wattpad.