The Family Series


Book 1

Book 1

The family: the brotherhood

Could you kill someone who you once considered a brother?

All Leone wants to do is help others, but the shadow of The Brotherhood refuses to let him. After a fatal encounter in his childhood, his world is turned inside out. And so, The Family was born, aiming to unite the fractured communities that led to his loss of a loved one.

Eight years later, the one person Leone thought he would always be able to rely on, created The Brotherhood, and it grew to become the polar opposite of The Family. The only way Leone can prevent his dream from being destroyed, and his city from being swallowed whole by violence he must go up against the man he once called brother. He must pit The Family against The Brotherhood.

Ghost (A family novella)

It was always Nick, Leone and Serenity, the Dynamic Duo plus one. No one could separate them, not even the gang-ridden streets of Gaylene. But, one tragic night changes Nicholas in a way no one ever thought possible. This is his story. The story of the birth of Ghost.

*Intended to be read after Book 1*

Book 0.5